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ILLUSTRATORS 10 – Now Available!


ILLUSTRATORS is a fantastically well-illustrated squarebound magazine on the artists who create some of the most popular images in the world.

Volume Ten features a William Stout cover and 35 pages on Stout covering just about every aspect of Bill’s career, illustrated with a whopping 75 illustrations, all but 7 in full color! It’s a real treasure trove of Bill’s work from 1968 to the present!

Also featured in the 96 pp. magazine are artists Patrick Nicolle, Cynthia Sheppard, Amit Tayal and Wu Chen.

This UK magazine is now available from the William Stout Bazaar on this website for just $24 each (plus shipping). Every issue ordered from us is signed on the cover by Stout (unless you tell us you don’t want him to sign yours).

4 thoughts on “ILLUSTRATORS 10 – Now Available!

  1. Sounds like a must-have…hopping to the store now.

  2. Just asked them to hold me a copy at the local comic shop. They say it will be in tomorrow. I used to subscribe to Illustrators, but it was cheaper to buy it off the stands! I thought it was all British illustrators though, didn’t know they included California in the British Empire.

  3. Hi Benno,

    I’m the guy who edits Illustrators and had the honor of liaising with Bill on this issue—needless to say he was a delight to work with and even copy edited his own feature.
    As a lifelong fan of Bill’s work it was a real delight to bring this particular issue to fruition.

    The idea of just restricting ourselves to European illustrators was abandoned after issue 2, we have been featuring artists such as Bernie Fuchs, Bart Forbes, Andy Virgil, Zelda Devon, Will Terry and have a whole host of US illustrators lined up for future issues.

    For example; Issue 11 features Donato Giancola and issue 12 will be featuring Android Jones—we also have Mitch O’Connell, Tara McPherson and a host of other US and world artists lined up for future issues along with the giants of bygone days such as Maurice Leloir and JOB.

    So keep checking us out—you might be pleased with what we have in store for you.

    Best Wishes,


  4. Peter, you did a great job getting Bill featured. It’s a gorgeous collection of his art.
    Bill, way to go, getting featured article loaded with so much art in such a wonderful publication!
    You guys are seriously rockin’ the must read section of my new books!

    Rick Tucker

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