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New Stout Monsters Sketchbook #7

I’ve got a new Monsters Sketchbook (#7) finally available in my online shop, the William Stout Bazaar (last page of the “Books” section). This is my first sketchbook in five years. Why so long? Well, first there was COVID, which meant the cancellation of all my convention appearances. During this time I designed two sets of illustrated playing cards (54 new images for each deck). I have also been moonlighting, doing illustrations and covers for that great monster magazine The Little Shoppe of Horrors.

Finally, there was the assembling of a huge box set (I finished sending the last of the images about an hour ago). This big three-volume set will contain all of my comics-related work (rough count: over 640 illustrations in Volume Three alone!). If you think I haven’t done that much comics work, you’re in for somewhat of a surprise.

Plus, the text of these books will continue my multiple volume autobiography which began with my book William Stout: Prehistoric Life Murals. I have lived long enough and have been lucky enough to have been mentored by many of the greatest talents in the world of comics. Many became great friends, as well. I wanted to document what it was like to work with them, how I got to work with them and what they were like as people and friends.

Flesk Publishing is taking this project on, so you know the books, their production and the physical quality John Flesk demands of his publications (even down to the papers that John chooses) will be stunning.

The box set won’t cover my underground comix (I don’t want to shock any moms out there) –– that will be a separate volume to be published by my old pals at Last Gasp.