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New Books and Prints For Sale

My three new sketchbooks are now available within my Stout Bazaar. They are: William Stout: 50 Convention Sketches – Volume 13; William Stout: Real Women – Volume Two; and the Zdenek Burian Sketchbook – Volume One: Prehistoric Life.

Also available are my new giclee canvas prints of Peace ’07 in two sizes: 24″ x 18″ and 11.5″ x 8.5″.

Plus: You can now purchase The Great Lost Heaters Album! CD with packaging and illustrations by Yours Truly. Great music, too, if you like soaring three part harmony melodies and rock solid playing!

These were all huge sellers for me at Comic-Con International this last week.

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Comic-Con International

This morning I’m leaving for my biggest show of the year, Comic-Con International. I’ll have a double booth once again (#4803 & 4805) and will be exhibiting loads of original artwork from drawings to paintings. In addition, I’ll have all of my in print Terra Nova Press books. Fill in the gaps in your Stout collection!

Speaking of books, I’ll also have three (!) new sketchbooks debuting at Comic-Con: William Stout: 50 Convention Sketches – Volume 13; William Stout: Real Women – Volume Two; and Zdenek Burian – Prehistoric Life (from my Classic Artists & Illustrators series). The Burian book showcases loads of his ink drawings, none of which have been published outside of his native Czechoslovakia.

Plus, I’ll be selling the new Heaters CD: “The Great Lost Heaters Album” for which I wrote the liner notes as well as designing and illustrating the CD booklet. Great music from a great band in a great package!

I look forward to meeting and chatting with my fans.

I’m taking my wife’s Toyota Prius this time. I’m looking foward to seeing what kind of mileage this hybrid gets.

OK — Gotta Go!

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The Heaters!

I saw The Heaters at the Viper Room this last Wednesday. WOW! It’s been twenty seven years since their first LP. The Heaters were the hottest band in L. A. (hence, the United States) in 1979-1980. They were as good as ever, if not better. The three women’s three-part harmonies soared, Phil’s drumming kicked serious percussive butt and Jamie’s guitar work was crisp yet emotional. There was a terrific article on the band in the July 18 Los Angeles Times Calendar section.

If you want to hear some great music, go to

Also on that site is my bio of the group. It delineates my involvement with the band as well. I just designed and illustrated the packaging (and wrote the liner notes) to their first CD release. It should be out this week. You can order it in advance, I believe, from The Heaters’ website listed above or, as soon as it comes out, from my website.

Put On The Heat!

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The Artist Within

Ace photographer Greg Preston has a spectacular new book out: The Artist Within (from Dark Horse). It consists of compelling photographs of cartoonists and comics creators from around the world. If you’d like to see me pre-gray hair (and slightly thinner), I’m in there, too, standing in my element (amongst the battling dinosaur skeletons in the foyer of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County).

At only forty bucks this huge book is a great bargain. The photography and the concepts of each photo are all stunning! Sadly, many of the great creators featured in the book are no longer with us. Greg’s book is now an important historical and cultural document.

You can get a brief preview of the book at