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Louis Zamperini 1917–2014

Louis Zamperini is the subject of the bestselling non-fiction book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (author of Seabiscuit). The fine film version (a film project that had been bouncing around since 1957!) of Unbroken was directed by Angelina Jolie and was released, appropriately, on Christmas Day.

I met Louie decades ago. He’s the father-in-law and father of two of my family’s closest friends, Mick and Cynthia Garris. Louis was selected as the Grand Marshal for the Tournament of Roses Parade (locally known as The Rose Parade) here in Pasadena tomorrow morning. Because he passed away a few months ago, Cynthia and her brother Luke will be representing their amazing dad in the parade whose theme this year is “Inspiring Stories”. And when it comes to inspiring stories, few, if any, can beat Louie’s.

Louie was an amazing guy who never lost his mischievous spirit or enthusiasm for life. He gave up skateboarding at age 80! I’ll always treasure the time I spent with him. You’ve probably already read the book (it was at the top of the NY Times‘ bestseller list for about four years running), but if you’re one of the very few who hasn’t, pick it up. You’re in for an inspiring, astonishing, emotionally shattering thrill ride. I won’t get into the details of Louie’s extraordinary life (I don’t want to spoil either the book or the movie for you), but I’d like to tell a little Louie-related personal tale.

When my oldest son Andy was in elementary school he got the assignment to interview an adult (it couldn’t be his parents) and then write and give an oral report on the interview. I suggested that Andy call Louie. He did, and Louie generously spent hours on the phone with Andy, telling him his incredible life story.

Andy wrote up his report and then delivered it to his class. After he finished telling the Louis Zamperini story his teacher confronted him.

“Andy,” she said, “the assignment was to interview an adult —- not to make up stories.”

“Yeah, Andy,” the kids in class chimed in, “that never could have happened. You made it all up.”

Try as he could, Andy couldn’t convince his teacher or the class that Louie’s extraordinary tale was true. I had to contact the teacher and verify that Andy had indeed interviewed an adult and that, although seemingly unbelievable, Louis Zamperini’s amazing saga was absolutely true!

Some people have complained that the film version of Unbroken should have also told the emotionally searing tale of his fall and redemption — but that could easily have added another two hours to the film. In actuality, the full Louis Zamperini story would take a nine hour mini-series — at least. Let’s all be thankful that Ms. Jolie poured her heart and soul into this project and came up with a film as fine and stirring as it is.

Farewell, 2014…Happy New Year!

And God bless, you, Louie. You not only changed your life but saved, changed and inspired thousands of others.

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Holiday Shopping! Fast Shipping!

Shopping for the holidays? Yes? Then may I suggest a couple of gift ideas?

Feel free to peruse my online catalog (the William Stout Bazaar; you can find it above under Store) for a variety of items. There are two books of which I am especially proud.

The first is pictured above. William Stout – Prehistoric Life Murals is the first in a series of autobiographical art books. This tome explores the process of creating my first seventeen murals, paintings commissioned by Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the San Diego Natural History Museum. It’s loaded with color pictures of the murals and their studies; it includes spectacular foldouts; and it’s peppered throughout with close-up details. It’s a bargain at its original $40 — but we’ve actually dropped the price to just $30!

Legends of the Blues was a total labor of love on my part. The book contains 100 full color portraits of my favorite blues musicians born in 1930 or earlier. I also wrote the biographies that face each portrait, as well as producing the blues CD that comes with the book. You can either look at it as paying $20 for a CD that comes with a free book, or $20 for a book that comes with a free CD.

This is the perfect gift for any Baby Boomer you might know (your dad, perhaps?).


During the month of December I’ll be shipping every order I get by Priority Mail within 24 hours of payment clearance, to make you get your books in time for the holidays. I’ll be happy to personalize them, too. Did I mention the mural book comes with a sketch? No? I should have.

Happy Shopping!