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Completion of the San Diego Murals

On Sunday evening, September 30, 2007 I completed and signed the last of my twelve murals for the Fossil Mysteries exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I have been working on this project for the last two and a half years.

The final three of my murals will be installed at the museum on October 8. There will be a press conference at the museum on October 26. I will be present for both events.

I am extremely proud to have these huge works (the biggest paintings I’ve ever done, the largest being 14 ft. x 34 ft.) permanently installed at the museum. Hopefully, they will serve to inspire future artists and paleontologists the way that the murals of Charles R. Knight, William R. Leigh and Rudolph Zallinger have inspired me and so many of my friends in the paleontological community.

If you get down to San Diego and see the murals I’ll be interested in your feedback. I have already begun work on a book that will include all of my prehistoric life murals (for San Diego, Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Houston Museum of Natural Science) and the process I used to create them. This book will debut at Comic-Con International in July. John Fleskes is the publisher; my friend Ray Harryhausen has written a wonderful introduction to the book.