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The TARMAN Is Back!

TARMAN Action Figure
TARMAN Action Figure

The beautifully gruesome Amok Time action figure of the TarMan from Return of the Living Dead is back in stock and available in the Miscellaneous section of the Store‘s  Stout Bazaar on this website! Get them while they last! A bizarre but great holiday gift!

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Mickey for President – Part Ten

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail…


About these strips….
Jim Steinmeyer and I worked in an unusual fashion. I drew the strips first with a particular theme in mind but leaving the word balloons blank, Then Jim wrote the dialogue. He didn’t know what I was going to draw; I didn’t know what he was going to write.

One of my goals in this creative project was to shed my art of any slickness. After a couple of penciled circles (for size and placement) but no penciling, I went straight to inking, keeping the art fresh and spontaneous. I was inspired by Robert Crumb in this regard.

I love the end result. I’m surprised at the complex range of expression I was able to capture with this character. And Jim’s writing is so damn funny!

More tomorrow!