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Princess of Mars Retraction — Sorry, Mike!

Yikes! I’ve made only a handful of blog entries and I’ve already got to make my first news retraction!

ATTENTION: As much as we all would love to see him on board such a production, Michael Kaluta is NOT working on the film version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “A Princess of Mars”. Bernie Wrightson still is — but not Michael. Mike worked about as long as I did on the show.

Michael may still be hired if the “…Princess…” project jumps its next batch of hurdles and gets its final green light from Paramount (to mix a few metaphors). Let’s all wish him luck!

If you want to see some great artwork be sure to visit the Official Michael Wm Kaluta Website:

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Lilly’s Light, Part Two

Here is a list of the cast and crew involved in “Lilly’s Light”, the children’s television show whose pilot I designed:
Sherry Hursey – Lilly
Hal B. Klein – Al Patchitt
Gregg Martin (Gregg’s also my screenwriting partner) – Professor Crabble
(Gregg says he patterned his character after me!)
Mindy Sterling – Peaches
Philece Sampler – Devarella
Jean-Luc Martin – Will Patchitt
Lizzi Jones – Ashley
Russell Lyons – Maxwell
Brianne Tju – Katie Lynn
Leroy White – Fisherman Fitz
Vitor Philipe (watch this talented actor go right to the top; I predict Vitor is going to be a huge teen heartthrob as well) – Daniel

Director – Daniel Carrey
Directors of Photography – Steven Douglas Smith, Jack Conroy
Production Designer – William Stout (who?)
Costume Designer – Sunny Chayes
Key Make up & Hair – Elizabeth Dahl
Set Decorator – Stefanie Girard
Property Master – Alixia Bermak
Set Construction Coordinator – Jerry McConnell
Set Construction Supervisor – Kevin Myers
Scenic Artists – Daniel C. Nyiri, Robert Brigham
Special Effects – Taffy Cyclone
Sound Mixer – Chris Leplus
Casting Directors – Philece Sampler, Karen E. Prisant (Associate)

Art Klein, Sherry Hursey, Georgia Simon, Philece Sampler, Fred Kennamer, Melissa Wohl.

My Production Designer’s cap is off in salute to these great people and their hard working crews for the outstanding work they all did on the show!