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Happy Halloween!


Tarman Jack O’Lantern beautifully carved by Lee “Goatboy” Hartnup.

It’s Halloween, my favorite holiday! Yay!

Here’s two more pages of Mickey for President. They need to be read one after the other. Don’t forget that clicking on them enlarges them.



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Guess Who’s Running for President!


Recently I was perusing a copy of Mickey at 60 volume 2, the issue in which he runs for President. This was drawn by me and written by my pal Jim Steinmeyer back in another election year (1996).

I was shocked by Mickey’s eerily close resemblance to one of our current Presidential candidates. Jim’s dialogue seems like he is directly quoting him, so I thought I’d post some of these 1996 strips during the remaining two weeks of the election (click on the images to make them larger).


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Mondo Metropolis Sells Out!


I just returned from one of the coolest shows on the planet: MondoCon! The show is in Austin, Texas and the emphasis is on high quality art — and, man, do I mean high quality. It’s the only convention in the country in which there is no bad (or even mediocre) art. The curating of this show is at the highest level.

The folks at Mondo debuted my poster print for Metropolis at this year’s show. They surprised me by printing a layer of metallic gold dust over the image of Maria the Robot. They debuted several prints at the show. Mine was the first to sell out — in just two hours!

MondoCon is an amazing show. Once again, the food trucks at the show were terrific. The artists were all fantastic and really, really nice people — not a jerk in the bunch. The collectors and fans (from all over the world) exhibit a very high caliber of intelligence and taste. Because of the intimacy of MondoCon it’s very easy to chat with your favorite artists there. I kept referring to MondoCon as the “secret cool con”. There’s plenty to see with the show covering two easily walkable locations. The people who run the show try to think of everything possible to make this a great show for the artists, the fans and the collectors. The after-show parties were all fun and another chance to connect with like-minded people.

I plan to deepen my connection with Mondo. We talked about my creating new poster prints for them as well as some three-dimensional collectible items in the very near future.

I had a fabulous time. Come next year and you will, too!

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Tomorrow I arrive in Austin, Texas for one of my favorite conventions, the heavily art-oriented MondoCon, put on by the good people at Mondo Tees. I’ll be bringing new books, new art and a big friendly smile!

I am hoping to score some Franklin’s BBQ while I’m there. I’m also hoping to reconnect with old friends and collectors and meet new ones as well.

I don’t get to Texas often, so now’s your chance. I’ll be available at my tables all weekend long. Ask me anything!

See You Soon!

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H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival!


I’m the Artist Guest of Honor this weekend at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon (October 7-9, 2016 at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97212).

I’ll be giving an autobiographical/Antarctica/Lovecraft -related talk while I’m there. I’ll also have a few copies of my Dinosaur Coloring Book for sale, too. I hope to see all of my Northwest friends and fans this weekend!