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APE Today (But Not Tomorrow)

I’ll be appearing for most of today at APE ,the Alternative Press Expo. My publisher John Fleskes is flying me up for this event, one of my favorite conventions. I’ll be at the Flesk Publications booth.

I thought I was going to have to cancel but we worked it out so that I’ll be at APE today, Saturday, but not tomorrow, Sunday (I need to finish packing for my studio move).

That, of course, means I found a new studio — which I did. No, let me correct that statement: a new studio which my brilliant realtor, Nancy Valentine, found. Thanks again, Nancy! It’s a huge space in the city of Monrovia. It takes me only about twelve minutes to drive there, about the same amount of time it took me to drive across Pasadena to get to my current-soon-to-be-ex-studio.

I found the skeletal remains of a dead sparrow there yesterday (we’ve named my new studio mascot Myrtle, after the street on which the studio is located), which in my world is a very good sign.

So, if you’re in the Bay Area today, please come up and see me at APE (location details in “Appearances” on this site)! But remember: I won’t be there tomorrow.