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Muppets Wizard of Oz — Hey! William Stout Credit!

Well, Friends & Fans,
A funny thing happened the other Friday night. At the end of “The Muppets Wizard of Oz” broadcast on ABC my credit somehow appeared!

I haven’t yet figured out why (after being told by the Henson people that it would be impossible to add my name to both the film and DVD), but I have a feeling it might have had something to do with the actions of my ace litigator, David Rudich.

Thus begins a good week!


1 thought on “Muppets Wizard of Oz — Hey! William Stout Credit!

  1. Great news about getting credit where credit is due. Somewhat sobering look at working for the movie industry too. I wondered if in a future message you could let us know about your participation in WonderFest. Sounds like some Good Lizardmen as well as one Monkeyboy (Frank Cho’s own nickname for himself) were there.
    Was a good time had by all.

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