Zdenek Burian 2 – Prehistoric Man


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This second volume by Czech master Zdenek Burian collects over 120 black and white drawings (mostly pen, but also some scratchboard and charcoal drawings) of prehistoric man and his ancestors, never before seen in the United States.

This book is produced solely to expose more of Burian’s great art to art fans and collectors in the USA. Terra Nova Press lost money on the first book (Zdenek Burian 1 – Prehistoric Life) and it’s expected this book will lose even more (dinosaurs are much more popular than cavemen). That’s OK — people need to see this great work!

This book includes a reminiscence on William Stout’s 1980 attempt to meet Mr. Burian. Was Bill successful? Read the essay and find out!

Signed (by the author), numbered and limited.