William Stout: PREHISTORIC LIFE Murals – Deluxe Edition


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DELUXE EDITION! William Stout: PREHISTORIC LIFE Murals – Flesk Publications, 2009, 144 pp.

Bill’s long awaited hardcover book is a spectacular full color collection of all seventeen of his prehistoric life murals for The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the San Diego Natural History Museum. The murals cover a time period beginning 700 million years ago and ending 2000 years ago. Included are the drawings, studies and preliminary paintings that went into each mural. The detailed text illuminates the entire process in a very personal way, almost as if you’re reading chapters of Bill’s autobiography. As you can expect from Flesk publications, this is a very special book, a great addition to any art library and a fantastic gift for anyone who loves the wonders of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life.

This Deluxe Edition is a signed and numbered edition limited to only 600 copies. It includes a stunning, brand new extra pen and ink plate by Stout of the Tyrannosaurus Rex relative, Albertosaurus.

When you order, let us know what your favorite prehistoric animal is and William Stout will draw that creature in your book.

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