William Stout – Fantastic Women


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This is the book you’ve been waiting for: a stunning collection of William Stout’s drawings of fantastic women!

The 70 drawings, all hand-picked by Bill, range from 1972 to 2000 (plus brand new cover art). Many are from rare, out-of-print 50 Convention Sketches volumes and Edgar Rice Burroughs sketchbooks — lots of Barsoomian princesses and jungle queens; some are pieces from the Stout archives. All reflect Bill’s deep appreciation of the female form.

WARNING! Some of the pictures contain full frontal nudity! Not a big deal to Bill (he teaches figure drawing every Sunday), but it might be to you. If so, you’ve been warned.

Strictly limited to just 700 signed and numbered copies, at just $20 this book is sure to be one of Stout’s fastest sellers. Don’t miss out!