William Stout 50 Convention Sketches 21


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Volume 21 of William Stout’s 50 Convention Sketches series is a stunner.

There are actually 58 pics in this book, including four of Bill’s never-before-published ad designs for Monty Python’s meaning of Life. There’s an unpublished pencil rough for the unused LP cover for Chicago 13, a guide to Bill’s intricate autobiographical cover for The Comics Journal, some Firesign Theatre art, a few blues portraits NOT found in Legends of the Blues, Harlan Ellison book cover designs, more zombies, a Van Dyke Parks/Inara George poster and Stout’s final illustrations for Pablo Neruda’s Stones of the Sky (with Bill’s translations of the poems) — and more!

A signed, limited edition of only 600 copies (at $20 each) this book is sure to sell out quickly!