Tribute to Willis O’Brien


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At 80 packed pages, this is Bill’s fattest collection of sketches yet and a true labor of love on his part. The entire book is devoted to honoring Willis O’Brien, best known as the man who created and animated the creatures for Bill’s favorite movie: the 1933 King Kong.

The contents include:

79 illustrations, 60 of which have never seen print, including depictions of all fourteen proposed creatures for the Spider Pit sequence and more dinosaurs than you can shake a gnarly club at.

A Willis O’Brien Filmography

Stout’s “The First Wonder of My World” essay

Stout’s essay on the missing “Spider Pit Sequence”

A research Bibliography

This is the first of two volumes. This first volume focuses on O’Brien’s silent shorts (including The Ghost of Slumber Mountain), The Lost World, King Kong, Son of Kong and She.

This book is signed by William Stout and is limited to just 950 numbered copies. Bill’s Ray Harryhausen tribute sold out long ago. Don’t miss this latest collection!