The Hollywood Reporter: Comic-Con Issue


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After Iron Man director Jon Favreau was selected to be the guest editor for this special Comic-Con issue of The Hollywood Reporter, he chose our very own William Stout to design and illustrate the cover.

From the 7 designs Bill submitted (see William Stout 50 Convention Sketches Volume 17), Jon chose the design that spoofs not only himself but Jon’s favorite movie poster, too: Stout’s one sheet for the film WIZARDS.

But that’s not all! Inside, there is a full color spread on the art of Drew Struzan, a 4 page Comic-Con diary by Jon Favreau in which he details what went wrong and what went right with his 5 Comic-Con appearances, art by Mort Drucker, plus all kinds of cool Comic-Con related stuff!

A must for any true Stout fan, Struzan fan, comics fan, or fan of the films and TV shows related to comics and fantasy!