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HALLUCINATIONS, the long awaited full color collection of Stout’s fantasy work, will arrive any day now. Advance orders will include a free William Stout sketch.

Taking his cue from Arthur Rackham and other legendary creators of early 20th century storybook illustration, William Stout presents his impressions of the strange and sometimes terrible inhabitants of the worlds of literature, cinema and popular imagination.

Stout’s illustrations capture the very essence of the good folk and odd creatures who populate the dark woods and sun-filled glades of Aesop’s Fables, who wander the wonder-filled roads of Oz or who tread the scarlet sward of the planet called Barsoom. Be they animal, vegetable or mythic in nature, Stout’s ink-and-watercolor images breathe vibrant life into crafty fox and humble scarecrow, terrifying sea serpent and deadly dragon alike.

This is the unlimited softcover edition of the book.