Tarzan and a Few of His Jungle Friends

Here’s a Tarzan piece that’s one of the four Edgar Rice Burroughs works I drew a few months ago in anticipation of Comic Con International this July.

6 Responses to “Tarzan and a Few of His Jungle Friends”

  1. Chrissy Martin says:


  2. Love flow and framing element!

  3. maria garner says:

    This portraits reminds me of my childhood memories.

  4. Jenna Burton says:

    This is a great movie! If you love Tarzan movies, then this is for you. I grew up on Tarzan films. My younger brother and I viewed everything, Tarzan.

  5. Is Tarzan Story based on a true story or it’s fictional?

  6. Bill says:

    @Martha: The tales of Tarzan (over twenty novels) are fictional, created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also created the John Carter of Mars series of novels. Burroughs named his San Fernando Valley ranch “Tarzana”, after his most famous character. Tarzan is now a San Fernando Valley suburb. I grew up right next to it in Reseda.

    @Jenna: If you’re talking about the recent Tarzan film with Alexander Skarsgard, I’m with you. That was a magnificent movie!

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