Masters of the Universe

Yup; it’s my birthday. Another turn around the sun. What am I doing? Working, of course.

In a few minutes I’m leaving for the American Cinematheque screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood of Masters of the Universe. I was the production designer for that film; you can see my visual fingerprints all over that baby.

Director Gary Goddard (and some very special guests) will be joining me for a Q & A after the film.

See you there?

4 Responses to “Masters of the Universe”

  1. Román Arámbula says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!my dear talented….very talented friend!!!!! and many more……..

  2. Rick Catizone says:

    Yes, let me add another in the blog as well. All the Best on celebrating the life and times of William Stout !

  3. Aaron says:

    Belated happy birthday, Mr. Stout. I hope the celebration and the movie night were great.

  4. jim says:

    A belated birthday HUZZAH! Hope you’re good for many more trips around the sun. We need all of the “good lizard men” we can get.

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