A New Morning

Today’s the day.


See you all on the other side (and hopefully not The Other Side).

Bless you all, my friends.


4 Responses to “A New Morning”

  1. Jeff Doten says:

    Hey Bill – we’ll see ya back here – and you can see that I can post again and congratulate you !

  2. Rick Tucker says:

    We’ll be hearing from you soon and all hope is that you’ll be a happy guy!
    Good luck.


  3. Dave Conover says:

    Best of luck, Bill… I only found out about this situation last night after getting an email from Mark Berry. My father went through this exact procedure about 5 years back and is doing just great now. All of your Wonderfest friends are with you…

  4. Bill, I posted a big tribute with your work on MySpace. Alot of people who weren’t familiar looked at it and loved your stuff! Get well buddy. Think and be POSITIVE and thanks again for the awesome inspiration and great work!

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