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NEW Stout Podcast on YouTube!

I am the focus of a really good podcast just made available on YouTube. Catch it at:

2 thoughts on “NEW Stout Podcast on YouTube!

  1. That was an excellent show! It’s always great to see you speak about your love for creating. I’m glad you’re staying busy too.
    Will you be at John Fleskes’ booth during Light Box?
    If so I’ll see you there.

  2. William, I just wanted to reach out and say that I’ve slowly going through your many blog posts and really enjoying your stories and insights on the art game. I’m right in middle now your Moebius posts and it reasonated deeply with me as I had the opportunity while working at an animated studio in Tokyo in 1985 to spend a couple of evenings with the man and you were right on in your description of his multi-layered, gentle style of speaking and world view. It was an amazing encounter to say the least. I notice you are not posting much now. I hope that changes soon. Best always. PS. Have you seen Scavengers Reign? It’s a stunning Moebius/Miyazaki hybrid. Trippy and beautifully executed animation.

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