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Untold Tales of Hollywood #111

Film #22: House (1985; released 1986)
Directed by Steve Miner
Production Designed by Greg Fonseca

I found myself working again with my producer-director pal from the aborted Godzilla project, Steve Miner, on a new project of his, House. Like Godzilla, the screenplay for House was written by Fred Dekker. I created the presentation art for Steve that got the financing for House. Here are four of the roughs I drew:

After the design above was selected by Steve, I went to finish:

This piece for House is one of my favorite pieces of presentation art. It’s bold, simple, funny, scary and sexy.

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  1. Bill,

    When you added “” to your description of why that final presentation piece worked, it took a second. Bingo!
    I must be getting old (I am).


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