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Untold Tales of Hollywood #104

The Hitcher turned out fine; good script, good cast, good crew.

2 thoughts on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #104

  1. Saw this when it it was new at the cinema and it really worked for me! Rutger Hauer played one mean scary guy. He was unstoppable, kind of like the Terminator. Hey, I wonder if there is a connection there. Maybe John Rider was actually a backup terminator sent by Skynet and he got lost out there in the desert. I’m also curious about what highway Jim Hallsey was driving on since he drove for hours and hours and never made it to a big city or I-40, like come on, is this guy lost?

  2. Driving for hours and hours without running into a big city? I used to do that all the time, whenever I drove through the Mojave Desert while driving from Los Angeles to Tucson. That’s how I knew what the sheriff/CHP station should look like.

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