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Dragon Con 2021

I have been selected by Dragon Con as their Artist Guest of Honor for this year. I’ll be doing lots of panels and sharing a multitude of fascinating stories, many about the 75 film projects in which I have been involved. I had more than twenty pieces of original art shipped to the show, including a new Dragon Con poster and a new poster for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I hope to see as many of my friends and fans as possible — and safely. Instead of my usual location at AmericasMart, I’ll be set up in the Art Show room. Please follow my lead and take all necessary precautions. I take COVID very seriously. Do not approach me if you have not been double vaxxed. Even though I’ve been double-vaxxed, my grandchildren aren’t. I do not want to bring this terrible disease back to them, nor do I want this to be my last Dragon Con.

Let’s make this a Dragon Con to remember for all the right reasons!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Con 2021

  1. Congratulations on your selection, my friend’. All good wishes to you stay safe, and love those grands.

    Greetings from my new home in Boulder!

  2. Great Seeing you in Atlanta and so glad I made sure you didn’t take all that framed art back to CA with you!!

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