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Untold Tales of Hollywood #95

I argued against Dan O’Bannon‘s nihilistic ending (I felt that after all of the horror our characters had suffered, at least a few of them deserved to live) — but lost. Here are my design elements for the end of the film:

This was our first day of shooting. We shot this up near the top of Angeles National Forest. Early in the shoot I was scurrying around, getting stuff set up and didn’t notice the blades of a chest-level rear truck lift. I ran right into them and broke some ribs. I got treated by our nurse but told her to keep my injuries a secret until I had mended.

This was a rough of mine for the matte painting. I don’t do matte paintings, as it requires very specific knowledge (like matching the film grain, which is why a lot of matte paintings look so impressionistic; if you paint it too tight or photographic, it doesn’t work) to do well.

I storyboarded the stop motion animation of the nuclear shell being loaded into the cannon. I know I’ve still got those boards but, for now, I can’t find them. When they turn up I’ll include them on this page.

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  1. I’m with you on hoping for a better ending. Still, as you know, it could have been a worse one. This “virgin dying before she can be raped” type of ending is at least somewhat acceptable. It also didn’t ruin the movie for me.


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