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Untold Tales of Hollywood #93

Here are some more fun boards and a vengeful practical joke:

There are all kinds of producers in the Film Biz. Graham Henderson was our line producer. That’s an actual job — not just a title. Graham oversaw spending, budgets, schedules — facing and dealing with all of the workaday difficulties and problems in making a film.

Tom Fox was a different kind of producer. He was our money guy. That is, he came up with the money needed to finance the film, either out of his own pocket or, most likely, by finding investors. Other than that, I could pretty much tell that Tom knew absolutely nothing about what it takes to make a movie. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Tom from having a vanity license plate on his car that said “PRODUCER”.

Oh, please.

Tom’s wife and kids wanted to be in the movie. Tom guaranteed them, being the Big Shot producer of the film, that having them appear in the film was merely a matter of his demanding it.

Director Dan O’Bannon refused his demand. Tom hammered away at Dan until finally, weary of Fox’s nagging, Dan agreed to put Tom Fox’s wife and kids in the movie.

Then, Dan approached me.

“Bill. I want you to design the most uncomfortable make-ups you can come up with for Tom’s wife and kids.”

Dan later approached the victims (Tom’s wife and kids).

“Okay; we’ll be shooting your scenes tomorrow. Show up at 5:00 AM at the make-up trailer to have your zombie make-up applied to your faces and bodies. Don’t be late.”

At five the next morning, the wife and kids endured a several hour make-up process. Once the make-up guy was done, Dan approached them.

“Remember…Don’t touch any of your make-up or you’ll have to have it reapplied all over again. I’ll call you when we’re ready to shoot your scenes.”

The day was hot and muggy. The make-ups that had been applied started to itch. As the day wore on, the itching increased to the point of being painful. Dan approached them at lunch time.

“Remember — don’t touch a single bit of your make-up.”

Late in the afternoon, the wife and kids were in extreme agony.

At 7:00 PM we finished that day’s shooting. Tom’s wife and kids were itching like crazy and were in tears, crying from the pain and discomfort.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to your scenes,” Dan told them. “We’ll get them tomorrow. Be sure to show up at the make-up trailer tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM.”

They never showed.

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  1. Bill,

    Tom and the family…. priceless! My first good chuckle of the day.


  2. You never wanted to cross Dan…

  3. 🤣

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