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Untold Tales of Hollywood #91

The role of the Colonel Glover was given (on my advice to Dan) to my wife’s (she was an actress) friend Jonathan Terry.

This handmade address sign by me sported the name and street number of the Colonel’s home. The translation of “Estrella Oscura” is “Dark Star”, the name of Dan O’Bannon’s first film.

We shot the General’s San Diego home in Palos Verde Estates. It was inside the home that my limited (I hate using a ruler) skills in designing high-tech stuff came into play.

This cabinet was put together rather quickly. So quickly, in fact, that the Bondo adhesive to the phone plug hadn’t yet dried. You can see the gooey attachment coming apart in the very first cut of the film. We had to promptly create a matte to block the audience’s view of the taffy-like Bondo as the plug adhesive was coming undone. Very embarrassing!

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