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Untold Tales of Hollywood #87

One of the first signs that the dead are returning to life in The Return of the Living Dead is what we called the Yellow Man. He was a jaundiced individual hanging inside the Uneeda Medical Supply‘s freezer (that frost inside the freezer was Christmas tree flocking). Here are some of my first attempts at his design:

In the film, the Yellow Man comes back to life and pursues Bert and Ernie. Frank joins them in capturing the Yellow Man and saws his head off. Thinking they have disabled the Yellow Man, the three stand back for a well-deserved break. The headless corpse jumps up, however, and chaos reigns until they chop up the Yellow Man into a trash bag full of wiggling pieces.

I carefully storyboarded out this entire scene. Here are my storyboards for that part of the film:

Here are my revised storyboards for this scene:

Here’s what Bill Munns’ version of the headless Yellow Man looked like:

Seriously. I couldn’t believe it. I promptly demanded a do-over.

Unfortunately, after fixing his Yellow Man work, Bill paid little attention to my boards and constructed what we needed on the wrong side, opposite to what I had boarded, destroying the scene’s visual continuity.

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  1. Kind of looks like Mr Bill wasn’t taking this job too seriously.

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