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Untold Tales of Hollywood #82

The Uneeda Medical Supply warehouse and the Resurrection Cemetery gates were next to each other in downtown Los Angeles’ warehouse district.

The insides of this warehouse had become an artist’s loft. We only used the exterior.

There’s almost always a little humor in my film designs. Note the skeletal guy in the second cemetery gate picture. He’s been waiting a lo-o-o-ong time for that bus.

The only thing actually behind the cemetery gates was a railroad track. In one shot (that may have been deleted or fixed later), looking just beneath the gate, I could see a moving train passing by!

This was a pretty creepy part of downtown L. A. One day, while the cameras were being set up, I was walking around the general area, examining refuse, curious as to what people who lived in the area threw away when I came upon a cardboard box about the size of a hat box. I looked closer at the box…and saw blonde hair. My first thought: A human head?

Films usually have a cop on set when you’re shooting on location. I went to ours and told him what I had found. He accompanied me back to the box. He carefully looked inside.

It was a dead long-haired cat.

Funny what working on a horror film can help you to imagine.

2 thoughts on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #82

  1. Thanks for this post. I’m planning to build a scale model of Uneeda and the pictures you posted will be great references.

  2. I’d love to see it when you’re done.

    Many years ago, a fan put together an incredible visual computer walk-through of my sets. He digitally eliminated all of the actors. His design allowed viewers to wander through and explore every aspect of my sets.

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