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Untold Tales of Hollywood #71

Film #16: Dune (1983; released 1984)
Directed by David Lynch
Production Designed by Tony Masters

As we were under the same production company (Dino DeLaurentiis), Conan the Destroyer was sharing offices and crew members with David Lynch‘s  Dune. My office was just down the hall from Leslie Shatz‘ sound editing bay.

One afternoon Leslie came racing down the hall.

“Is there anybody here with a California accent?” he shouted.

“I’m from California, but I don’t think I have a California accent,” I replied.

“Come with me!”

We went to Leslie’s office. He gave me some lines to read. It was a bit of dialogue from a black robot who was working for the film’s bad guys.

I spoke the lines and Leslie recorded me.

“Great! Thanks!” he said. “You were perfect.”

“I thought you said you needed a California accent…”

“I did — and you have one.”

“What do you mean?”

“One of your lines was ‘That’s just the way we found him’.”


“You said ‘That’s just the way we found’im.’ You Californians slur your words together. David’s going to love it!”

He was referring to David Lynch, the director of Dune. Some of my tales of David Lynch next time….

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  1. Bill,

    Yeah, I never thought of you as having an accent. But what do I know, living with all kinds of accents from the deep south, midwest, northwest to the northeast. People claim I have one too, which always hangs me up. I’m sure I have some kind of thing, but like you, I never saw it as an accent distinctive enough worth noting. It’s funny too because some people in SoCal DO have accents. We’ve talked for hours and I never picked that up from you. To hear what others hear would be fascinating.


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