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Untold Tales of Hollywood #67

This is about a beautiful set that got cut from the film. It began with a thumbnail sketch by Conan the Destroyer production designer Pierluigi Basile. At the bequest of the Dino DeLaurentiis family, Piero was grooming me to become a production designer.

We planned this as a hanging miniature effect.

Here’s my take on Piero’s sketch:

This low-domed structure in the middle of the jungle would have been a miniature built by Emilio Ruiz del Río. Out of sight, blocked from view by the miniature, would be a guy with a huge cage full of birds. As Conan approaches the building, a signal would be given to release the birds. With perhaps the inclusion of a few animated birds, it would appear on film that the birds were fleeing the structure on the approach of Conan.

This is another collaboration between Piero and me. Piero penciled the piece; I inked and colored it.

This is another creature I designed for Conan the Destroyer.

It’s been so long since I worked on the film (or have even seen it) that I forget whether or not the creature made it into the movie.

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