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Untold Tales of Hollywood #66

The first set design I did for Conan the Destroyer was for a side entrance to the Castle of Thoth Amon:

I was also called upon to design the transformation of Thoth Amon to become the flying creature that abducts Jehhna. Here is Pierluigi Basile‘s sketch:

The works that follow are my interpretations of Piero’s drawing. They are mostly meant as a design for the creature as well as a guide to the team that would be animating the flying creature.

1 thought on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #66

  1. Bill,

    These are so much fun to see! Had that sequence been even close to what you offer here it would have been a reason in itself to fast forward to it. I know these details would have added nothing to the story in any real sense, but sometimes a sequence just works so well for it’s own sake that it’s worth the effort. I still remember my anticipation for the FX scenes in Harryhausen films. It taught me patience for the story because I was going to get a treat. It was always worth the wait, except maybe some of the Clash of the Titans efforts. (Building up just to see scenes marred by that goofy owl was a let down)


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