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Untold Tales of Hollywood #62

These are a series of my weapon designs for Conan the Destroyer:

2 thoughts on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #62

  1. Bill,

    I’m always curious about how many props were made that stuck to one or more of those designs ,AND have you ever been gifted any of them after the filming wrapped?


  2. I wish I had thought of that; some of the props would have made nice souvenirs. The skills and work ethic of the Mexican studio workers were astounding. They all did incredibly beautiful work — and they did it quickly.

    I was able to bring all of my art back home with me from Mexico City. The problem was that when I left the production, we were still shooting — so all of those props and set decorations were still in use and needed…and I was already off to my next film. Out of sight, out of mind….

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