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Untold Tales of Hollywood #60

I had a tough time pleasing my Conan the Destroyer director, Richard Fleischer, when it came to my designs for the Heart of Ahriman.

This was my initial design, very organic…a gold and ruby heart roughly in the shape of a human heart:

Richard passed on this design. He wanted something more traditionally jewel-like. I began to crank out red jewels and stands to hold them.

None of these pleased Richard.

Here’s the kinda funny end to this story:
Richard Fleischer directed Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer. As a parting post-shoot gift to the director, Neil gave Richard a large inscribed solid glass “diamond.” Fleischer was so frustrated in his search for just the right Heart of Ahriman jewel that he retrieved Neil’s glass diamond present and used that as the Heart of Ahriman in Conan the Destroyer.

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  1. Bill,

    Would that Fleisher was as picky about the story being, I dunno…GOOD, as he was about your designs (which looked great, ESPECIALLY your first idea).


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