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Untold Tales of Hollywood #59

Let’s take a little break from my set designs; we’ll come back to them later. In this installment we’ll examine some of the multitude of props and set decorations that had to be designed for Conan the Destroyer.

What’s the difference between set decoration and a prop? A set decoration is an object that is on set. As soon as an actor picks it up, it becomes a prop.

Here are my designs for the Horn of Dagoth:

Here are two holders I designed for the horn:

These are designs for a box to hold the horn:

Here are some random object designs:

The gold goblet is a joke design; it’s a caricature of Pierluigi Basile, our film’s production designer.

4 thoughts on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #59

  1. This is the only blog I read. Such a fascinating time in Hollywood. I would REALLY love to have all these stories together in a book. And of course the art is always an inspiration. The hiatus was painful, dont stop now please.
    Thank you.


  2. Love these accounts of your creative work in Hollywood. My only regret is that none of these artworks are included in the superb Fantastic Worlds book of your art. Perhaps we’ll get a More Fantastic Worlds one day? 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying this series.

    These images (and more) will all be in the forthcoming book on all of my designs for motion pictures (about 60 films). Don’t hold your breath, though, as I’ve got about five or six more books in the queue ahead of my book on Film Design.

  4. Great news! Looking forward to that book.

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