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Untold Tales of Hollywood #58

Despite my not caring for the final design of the Ice Palace, there was some fun stuff to create in relationship to the Ice Palace set. Here’s Ron Cobb’s design for the boat in which Conan and his merry band travel to the Ice Palace:

This is my design for the grotto underneath the Ice Palace:

These next two drawings showing Conan and Zula swimming to an underground opening serve as both storyboard panels as well as set designs.

Once underneath/inside the Ice Palace labyrinth:

I drew these designs for our brilliant Spanish miniature maker, Emilio Ruiz del Río, as well as the following drawing:
Emilio did a fantastic job with the miniatures. I really love Old School effects like hanging miniatures (miniatures that hang in front of the camera, creating the illusion of large set pieces).

1 thought on “Untold Tales of Hollywood #58

  1. Bill,
    I stand corrected. I got through that way too fast. I love your youthful hubris, daring the rewrite the film and driving the big wigs nuts. That kind of passion is probably wasted in Hollywood more than appreciated. I’m glad you didn’t get fired, because at least we have the pleasure of seeing the art for the film even if the film fell flat. I can only watch that movie as camp, and then I’m fine with it. A lot of great talent just didn’t get to shine.
    A quick mention of that scene from Godzilla, of the boy Kevin and his lizard encountering Godzilla…. WOW… I would love to have seen the scene. I also notice that your Godzilla is not the classic Toho version. I know die hard fans take issue with that, but I really think he needs and upgrade. the newer big budget film are not bad, but they’re not memorable either. Now, Kong of Skull Island, that looks so much like you had a hand in it that I think your influence is what those designers put into the film. No comment on Godzilla vs. Kong. Missed opportunities…. as usual.


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