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Untold Tales of Hollywood #53

This was the first picture I drew and painted for the second Conan film. The original was stolen by the head of a Japanese company while his company was hosting a tour of my film design art. Here’s a small section in color:

Sign I drew for the Conan 2 art department.
Conan the Destroyer Production Designer Pierluigi Basile

Working with Pierluigi Basile as my production design mentor was extremely enlightening. We had worked together on Conan the Barbarian. I loved his Italian approach to life and film making. I never saw him not working, even late at night — except for at meal times.

When we were working together in Zagreb on the first Conan film, when it was lunchtime, Piero (Pierluigi’s nickname) would find a large box and then spread a red and white checkered tablecloth over it. This where we in the art department would have our wonderful lunches. Great food, great wine, great jokes, great conversation — then back to work. Piero turned me on to “misto” or “mixto” (meaning “mixture”), the habit of mixing water and wine to decrease the chances of a headache, hangover or sleepiness.

Piero with our company’s beloved studio pup.

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