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Untold Tales of Hollywood #48

Before I get to my next movie, I thought you might like to see some of the Godzilla – King of The Monsters storyboards. All of the drawings in this first batch are by me.

This panel is typical of the detail I put into each board panel. I believe this might have been the panel that inspired Mentor Huebner to tell me to approach Steve Miner about my taking on the job of production designer on the film.
This panel shows a bit of my ability to handle tech design while boarding.
Remember, each of these panels were for a film that was going to be shot entirely in 3-D.
I surprise myself with my ability to recall what the deck of a trawler looked like. There were no “Google Images” back then; this all came from my memory.
This panel shows Godzilla being attacked on Alcatraz…
…and his retaliation!

Tomorrow, I’ll put up a batch of Dave Stevens storyboards for Godzilla.

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