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Happy Mother’s Day! Great Gift Ideas Here!

Happy Mom’s Day! In this bizarre new world we’re living in, you may be stuck for some idea as to what to give Mom for Mother’s Day.

Everything has changed. Nearly all of my conventions have cancelled, including my biggie, Comic Con International, where I make about 20% of my annual income. I can weather that storm, but I fear that some of the people who work with me can’t.

You may have noticed some of the cool T-shirts I’ve been wearing at shows. I officially license World of Strange to produce and sell T-shirts with my imagery on them. When I’m at a show in their area, we usually team up in the selling of my shirts. Ben and Tracy of World of Strange are two of the hardest working, kindest and most generous people in my life.

So, if you’re stuck for an idea as to what to give your mom, please visit their site:

You’ll find all kinds of cool shirts in all sizes. Pick one up for your mom, then get a few for yourself. High quality shirts with great, crisp printing. Then spread the word! You won’t be sorry.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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