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Strange Days

Lots of folks have queried me as to how I am doing (I’m in that dreaded age group that doesn’t do well with the coronavirus). I’m doing fine. Not infected; self-quarantined except when I do my three-mile run around my neighborhood to stay in shape. Thanks for asking! I work at home anyway and e-mail my finished art to clients — so no changes there. I had to close down my Sunday figure drawing workshop (I call it Worshipping at the Temple of the Holy Female Form), though; the first time in over thirty years.

Strangely, I’ve got a lot of work. I just wrapped up a full color seven page story for a new Slow Death Anthology; I did the cover, too. I’m painting the cover to the Comic Con International Program Book (I did the program book cover for the San Diego ComicFest about a month ago).


I’m also designing a Tar Man Cthulhu mug for Mondo. I’ve always got retrospective books planned (huge books on each of the following subjects: my comics work; my music-related work; my entertainment advertising art; my film design work), and my Legends of the British Blues book is nearing completion. I’ve also done my own translation of Pablo Neruda’s book Stones of the Sky with a full page pen illustration for each poem. That book is completed; all that is needed is the official permission of the Neruda estate.

If you’re looking for something wonderful to pass your sequestered time, I highly recommend that you go to YouTube and search for Ringo Starr-Robbie Robertson and “The Weight”. There’s also some other great stuff put together by the same international group. There is also a moving version of Beethoven’s Ninth performed by the sequestered Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra. All very positive and uplifting! If you’re in the mood for a riveting twisty-turny mystery, check out The Stranger on NetFlix. I also recommend Steven Soderbergh’s white-knuckler Unsane, starring Claire Foy…plus any film by Taika Waititi, especially Hunt For The Wilder People.
I hope all is well with you, my friends. These are strange times…

6 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Bill, that is an amazing tribute poster. I miss the work of those two creative giants with each passing year. Looking forward to those upcoming projects focusing on your work. We can never have enough of your amazing work. Stay safe during this epidemic.


  2. Hi Bill ~ glad things are going well for you. Adam and I are fine and hiding out in North San Diego County. Keep well and best to the fam.

  3. Bill,

    It’s good to see an installment. Any installment. Everything’s good this way and hope you and Kent stay safe.
    I’m so glad to see the Neruda books may be a thing at long last. Please keep us posted. For now, off to meditate. Cheers!

    Rick Tucker
    PS: any chance you’ll be going to Light Box? RT

  4. Good to hear you’re okay and working as well!

  5. Thank you.
    Be well.

  6. A Tar Man Cthulhu mug? So two images or a kind of hybrid? Glad to hear that you are well. You and music lovers here would probably enjoy the book Fire and Rain: The Lost Story of 1970 by David Browne. I’ve been catching up on some old film classics: To Have and Have Not, Pat and Mike, Angels in the Outfield. Also very glad to have the theater version of Aliens. Not a big fan of director’s cuts. I believe it’s on her Miles of Ailes album that Joni Mitchell talks about the joying of performing her songs and said, “Nobody ever said, ‘Hey, Van Gogh, paint Starry, Starry Night again!” Doesn’t work for movies for me either. Stay well, everybody. As Jim Morrison of The Doors sang, “Strange days have found us.”

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