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I am Back and Ready for 2020!

Unusual for me, I took some time off in late November and more than half of December. I owed my wife a big vacation, so just before I left for my Australian adventure in October I planned and booked a fairly elaborate vacation in Costa Rica, a place my wife has always wanted to visit.

I researched and booked all of the hotels and inter-Costa Rica travel, our nature hikes, snorkeling and other tours, the restaurants, plus our in-country flights and air travel to San José, Costa Rica and back to Los Angeles International Airport. I like doing that kind of stuff. If the bottom falls out of the art market, maybe I’ll become a travel agent…

We enjoyed Costa Rica at just the right time: after the end of the rainy season and right before the big Christmas/New Year’s tourist crush.

The Costa Rica people (called Tikos) were incredibly kind and good-spirited. We saw lots of wildlife, from sloths to tapirs, from macaws to toucans and lots of incredibly colored hummingbirds. The food and accommodations were wonderful. We were there for about three weeks, all over the country. We saw and experienced a lot!

More on Costa Rica later!

¡Pura Vida!

3 thoughts on “I am Back and Ready for 2020!

  1. Good to hear you had a great trip and then a great time with your wife. Now…get back to work. LOL

  2. Costa Rica was on our bucket list.
    Good for you for making it happen.
    Good for the soul and spirit too!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Welcome back. So how is the snorkeling in Costa Rica? And the bird watching? Post pictures please. Good to have you back and have a great 2020.

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