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Where The Heck Has Bill Been?

Long time no blog!

The reason is, I’ve been traveling, promoting my book Fantastic Worlds all across the USA and the world…well, part of the world (Australia). I guested at about twenty shows and conventions this year in promotion of my book. Since most conventions are in the summer/early autumn, I was doing a lot of them back-to-back recently.

I recently appeared in Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns, Australia; and Baltimore, Maryland (this last weekend).

I spent three weeks in Australia. Besides the cities mentioned, I also journeyed to the Daintree Rain Forest (near Cairns), the Blue Mountains (to visit the home/museum of artist Norman Lindsay), Lamington National Park and Phillip Island, where I saw the fairy penguins emerge from the sea and head for their land burrows. I attended the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting, which was in Brisbane this year and I delivered Ron Cobb‘s Lifetime Achievement Award for Concept Design to his family in Sydney.

So, lots of travel and adventures (I did a twelve mile hike through the rain forest in Lamington National Park and earlier watched as a twelve-feet carpet python slowly crossed the road in front of my car).

I shall resume my Untold Tales of Hollywood stories shortly; my body is still adjusting to all of the time changes this past month.

6 thoughts on “Where The Heck Has Bill Been?

  1. Glad to hear everything is fine and that you ahd a good time. I assumed you were overworked and didn’t have time. Glad all the news is good.

  2. And did you eat any lamingtons while you were down under? Australia’s great contribution to dessert. Very tasty. We got out on The Great Barrier Reef twice when we were there years ago. Amazing. I would love to go again.
    Glad you had a good if busy time. Welcome back.

  3. Hello, this is Jun from 2019 SVP meeting. Thanks to your kindness and I had very unforgettable memory. I hope we could meet someday. Have a great day.

    Sincerely, Jun.

  4. Hi Jun!
    It was a real pleasure meeting you! I wasn’t aware of the Korean edition of THE NEW DINOSAURS. Thanks for showing it to me!

    I look forward to seeing you in the future, my friend.

  5. I hope I could give an extra copy of Korean edition of The New Dinosaurs for you if we meet again. But it’s out of press in here, I may take second-handed one if it’s possible..

    By the way, I also look forward to meet you in the future!


  6. Bill,

    Sorry I missed you while you were in Tampa but the dance card’s been insanely full. So glad we got to meet up at Lightbox, and maybe next time I’ll make the life drawing session. Thanks for the great deal on the Burroughs’ Venus man-ape drawing too!
    The amount of time and distance you’ve spent promoting your book is impressive, and I hope it was worth it. So very much looking forward to your next book!


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