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Untold Tales of Hollywood #5

FILM #5: Galaxy of Terror (1979; released 1981)
Directed by Bruce D. Clark
Story outline by William Stout (uncredited)
Screenplay by Marc Siegler and Bruce D. Clark
Production designed by James Cameron and Robert Skotak

Galaxy of Terror is the third tale in my John Broderick trilogy. John told me he wanted to pitch a scary sci-fi film to Roger Corman but didn’t have any ideas. He asked me what would be scary to a crew in outer space or on another planet. I told John I’d get back to him.

At home, I gave it some thought and then came up with a story outline about a space crew on a planet in which there is a creature that can read the space crew’s minds. It accesses their worst fears and then makes each of those fears seem real to each of the characters.

I gave the outline to Broderick. From there I’m not sure what happened. As much as I can piece together, it seems as if John made a successful pitch to Roger Corman. But then the mess with The Warrior and the Sorceress happened, souring Roger on John. Roger held on to my outline and later had it made as Galaxy of Terror. It was released to theaters in 1981. I didn’t get a screen credit but Roger, gentleman that he is, gave me credit in the Galaxy of Terror DVD and Blu-ray booklets and included me in the film’s IMDB credits.

I’ll be at a convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (see “Appearances” on this site) in a few hours. I’ll resume this series upon my return.

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  1. Erin Moran in her greatest role! I know, not saying much. I actually enjoyed this movie and its slug-creature rape scene.

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