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New ERB Works

A few months ago I felt inspired and created four new Edgar Rice Burroughs-themed pen drawings. Here’s the pencils to my David Innes (Pellucidar) piece:

And here are the inks:

I’ll post more later.

5 thoughts on “New ERB Works

  1. Bill,

    These pieces are beautiful. I have always loved your interpretations of ERB’s amazing worlds. You have a very special feel for his work, and it shows in each piece you do. There is so much life on display. I love the flora and fauna you work in. It brings so much more presence to the work. The drama and action is also first rate. I’ve longed to see you take on a Burroughs comic story for many years. Perhaps even one of the classic novels. Something in the REH Wandering Star vein. Thanks for sharing these wonders. They take me back to the era in which I first discovered, “The Master Of Adventure.”

  2. Thanks, Jim!

    I love the Carson of Venus series, as it has more humor than most of the other ERB titles. That could be so much fun to adapt it to the comics format. I love what Mike Kaluta did with it; sheer beauty and incredibly Burroughsian in mood and feel.

    My favorite ERB novel, perhaps, is the one I would most love to film as a mini-series. Thast would be The Mucker/Return of The Mucker. It’s the only Burroughs novel (to my memory at least) that shows real character growth. Fantastic locations, too.

  3. Wow! Either of those would be great. I agree about Michael’s adaptation of Carson. He really tapped into the Burroughs zeitgeist. It remains a favorite after all these years. The image showing shafts of sunlight through the Amtorian canopy never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful stuff. Would love to see you bring your talents to the page in an adaptation.

    I don’t recall The Mucker ever being adapted. Lots of possibilities for you to really bring the story to life. There are so many wonderful settings and visuals. I get excited just thinking about it. Perhaps we can see one of these come to life in the future. I’ve always loved your comic work, and miss seeing it on a regular basis.

    A Mucker film would also be great. Perhaps one of ERB’s lesser known characters could finally be the charm to a faithful adaptation. While I love many of the films in the Burroughs cannon, no one has really succeeded in putting an unadulterated version of his work on screen. Hope springs eternal.

  4. I’m loving these images! I hope there’s an eventual sketchbook on the horizon. Maybe another ALL BURROUGHS inspired one. Thanks for sharing them and sorry that I no longer attend the SDCCI. Maybe one day I’ll gird my loins again and make the effort. I admire your dedication year after year.


  5. This one with the giant gator is my favourite of the three you posted. The pencil version puts me in mind of some old classic film that Willis O’Brien would have made had he ever gotten ’round to it. Just wonderful work and it makes me think of glass mattes and animated dinosaurs. I came to Burroughs after reading Robert E. Howard and Lovecraft and his plain style, for me, suffered in comparison to their flowery prose. I was talking about this with Donato Giancola and said I thought Burroughs’ fiction really gave illustrators lots of freedom of interpretation. He said he loved it because he was a detail man who wanted to get things down exactly as he saw them in his imagination. I love Frazetta’s paintings for the two Mucker novels. Thank you for the look at these. Made my day.

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