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Happy New Year!

Wrong year, of course — but you get the idea….(This is my imagining of what it would look like if the great J. C. Leyendecker painted zombies).

I am currently booking guest appearances at shows across the country so that I can sell, promote and sign copies of Fantastic Visions – The Art of William Stout. This will probably be my last big American tour (I’m getting on in years, my friends, and lugging hundreds of pounds of books from city to city is really beginning to get old…), so if you’ve always wanted to meet me or get something signed, 2019 may be your last chance. Check out the Appearances section on this website from time to time, as I’m still taking bookings for 2019.

There’s at least one East Coast booking (Baltimore) so far. I’d have attended Big Apple in New York but it conflicted with San Diego Comic Fest.

I’d love to meet every single one of you!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    bugs ‘n hisses

  2. Happy new year, Mr. Stout! Got the book, and a grand tome it is too. Hey, as long as you’re putting together this grand tour Maybe you could bend John Flesks’ ear so you can come to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live at the end of March? Would love to see you again. Any chance of another volume of the book? More Fantastic Worlds of William Stout? I’m thinking you’ve got many more stories to tell. Maybe Fantastic Worlds: the Artist’s Cut? Bride of Fantastic Worlds? Fantastic Worlds Meets the Wolfman? 😉

    God bless you and yours in 2019.

  3. Happy New Year, Bill! Hope to be able to catch you on one of your east coast or mid-west appearances.

  4. Barring disaster I’ll see you at Baltimore. It sure was fun talking with you at HeroesCon a couple of years ago, I hope Shelton can get you back there as well.

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