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The Revenge of the Creature


Fair warning out there to all of you Creature of the Black Lagoon fans. I just received my Blu-ray Creature From the Black Lagoon two-disc set (with all three Creature movies, plus two of them in 3D). I, like many others, purchased it for the 3D version of The Revenge of the Creature, which has never been released in 3D blu-ray form until now.

Well, not exactly like until now.

Instead of the crisp, crystal clear 3D of the Creature of the Black Lagoon 3D blu-ray, two images side-by-side (like a split screen) show up when I try to play the Revenge 3D version.

Checking at Amazon, this problem seems to be rampant among the disc sets released yesterday. Buyer Beware until Universal fixes this idiotic and frustrating error.

2 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Creature

  1. They were the only scary movies I could watch.
    I think because I caught myself laughing from time to time.

    Do you still have your drawing group on Sunday mornings?

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. Hope they fix this soon.
    On a related topic I saw del Toro’s The Shape of Water the other day. It’s a bit over the top for my taste. Nothing technically wrong with the film but the basic premise was a little too much for me to suspend my disbelief. Having said that the film does have a great look and some wonderful moments. And the manfish suit is certainly on the same level of excellence as the ones in the Creature movies. And I don’t think they used much cgi in The Shape of Water either.

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