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Spring Is Here!

This was my view this morning from the back porch I designed for my 1913 Craftsman home. The bougainvillea and wisteria are in bloom, as you can see.

No visits (or gifts) from the raven for a few days now.

3 thoughts on “Spring Is Here!

  1. Bill,

    You are truly a blessed man to have such a lovely garden. It must be a continuous inspiration, as is evident from the outpouring of your breathtaking art in all of its various forms, styles and subjects. Let’s hope the raven returns. What a great contrast the raven is to your technicolor environment. I’m sure with the wind chimes clanging it must be a very meditative place to contemplate… your next lovely creation!

    Hope you are having a great time at the various conventions so far this year. It was great to see you at Monsterpalooza and I look forward to your contribution this Autumn to CREATURE FEATURES art exhibit of unfinished fantasy film projects.

    All the best,


  2. Simply Beautiful !

  3. what a beautiful living paintig!!!!!
    te mando un caluroso abrazo my dearest friend and my very favourist artist

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