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Saga of the Raven: Part Six

Here’s what’s been going on with the raven:
I think my leaving an assortment of jewels for the raven backfired. He disappeared. I think the jewels made him think that he was in competition with another raven and that he couldn’t compete with all of the cool gifts the “other raven” was leaving me.

So, I removed the cheap jewelry. The next day he was back, leaving me a bunch of bread crumbs. The next day he left some chicken white meat. Then he disappeared again for a few days (weather?), then left me some little bird bones.

I encountered him about to leave what looked like a dead lizard. I stood and watched him, making sounds I thought might soothe him. But no — he freaked out and flew away with his “gift” still clutched in his beak.

The weather’s nice again, so I’m hoping to see him (or some new gifts) today. I better go out and change his water…

2 thoughts on “Saga of the Raven: Part Six

  1. Howdy Mr. Stout,
    Having a wild animal return again and again like this is amazing in the extreme. I’m happy when I can get migrating birds to stop by once or twice. Keep up the posts.
    One point of concern: you may be aware that if the ravens ever leave The Tower of London the UK as a nation will fall. But your house isn’t the tower, so it’s all good, right? 😉

    Blessings and best wishes,

  2. It looks like your raven is there to stay. Now, to find that one way to not spook it. Good luck with that. I have no idea. Hiding on the other side of the plate glass window is what I do to keep the critters from getting anxious in my back yard. Going outside when they’re there is rare but I do try. Slow and steady keeps them at ease, but I have to keep some distance, which varies depending on who’s visiting.
    Yeah, not much help.


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