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Saga of the Raven: Part Three

Yesterday my raven gift took the form of half a peanut butter sandwich (on white bread).

Today I discovered an alligator lizard head, vertebrae and forelimb with paw in my front yard birdbath.

The weird thing about that gift was the lizard head. Somehow, the raven was able to remove the skull and jaw bones of the lizard while keeping all of the head’s skin intact, making it look like a miniature lizard hand puppet. I don’t know if I could accomplish that using fine dental tools, much less a large, heavy beak and sharp foot claws.

I’ve been leaving peanuts for the raven but the squirrels here get to them before the raven arrives. I want the raven to associate me with being the source of the peanuts so that he will feel more comfortable in my presence. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Saga of the Raven: Part Three

  1. This whole saga makes me want to have a garden someday… Im waiting for the upcoming parts about your new “friendship”. Greetings from Budapest.

  2. Bill, you lead a very storied life….one that if it were fully detailed might seem to some like a complete fiction.

  3. @Rick: I think I’ve led an extremely lucky life, chock full of interesting stories. Living in the L.A. area helped, as it is the center of the entertainment industry. Just living here one runs into (or has the opportunity to work with a variety of famous people and be a part of numerous odd occurrences. My age helps, too, as I’ve seen Los Angles and its communities change pretty dramatically over the years. When I was growing up in Reseda, it was pretty rural, with lots of wildlife (especially a wide variety of birds). No more. Everything’s paved; there are no wild meadows anymore and most of the animals have lost their natural habitat.

    That’s why I’m so happy to make connections with the urban wildlife that’s still here.

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