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Saga of the Raven: Part Two

Today’s gift to me from the raven was a piece of pizza (pepperoni).

I left him some roasted-in-the-shell (and unsalted) peanuts — and some clean water in the bird bath.

In the coming days, I’m going to try to train the raven to fetch peanuts from my fingers. I did this with a scrub jay, teaching him to land on my forearm and retrieve the peanuts from my fingers. Amazingly, it took me only a few hours to train the jay to do this. He also began to perch on top of my easel each day and watch me paint, offering unsolicited critiques from time to time. I nicknamed him “Scrubby”.

2 thoughts on “Saga of the Raven: Part Two

  1. hmmmm….perching on the easel……… image unless he decides to leave you a present at that moment…

  2. Yup; everyone’s a critic…

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